Brake Service -Things to Know


- We offer a FREE brake inspection to determine your brake needs and give you an estimate(takes about 30-45minutes with appointment). Common symptoms of brake issues:

    *grinding noises when stopping,

    *squealing noises,

    *vibration of steering wheel when applying the brakes,                 

    *hard pedal, low pedal, brake warning lights,

    *car pulls when applying the brakes,

    *dragging feel when accelerating. 

- We remove all wheels and visually inspect all components

- We measure rotors for possible re-use (resurfacing) and/or replacement, if needed. Note: when rotors are thicker than discard rate then they can be reused in most cases. Most places quote rotors every time costing the consumer more money than needed. 

-Inspect hydraulic system including master cylinder for leaks and fluid condition.  

-Inspect drum brake systems for binding components, leaks, proper adjustments, and shoes/drum wear. 

-Inspect pedal linkage and operation for wear and excess play. 

-We also service ABS systems (ABS light warnings). Factory scan tools and service data to determine cause of failure all done by a ASE certified technician.  

-We use top quality parts for ALL replacements i.e. Ceramic pads vs. organic, quality rotors vs. cheap thin walled rotors

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